Run for Life Marathon

The Run for Life Half Marathon and Relay will be a race you will never forget! We proudly designed the logo and website, using traditional colors, symbolism, symmetry and balance. The color palette is based on the Kenyan flag (Red, green, black and white), with warm colour palette for other elements to unify the logo, using nature as a reference point. The marathon title is easily identifiable due to the strong contrast of white letters on black background.

There is some specific symbols to help reinforce the geographical area and nature of the activity. The tree silhouette is based on the national tree of Kenya, the Acacia or “Umbrella” tree. On a spiritual level the tree represents nurturing, connection to nature and strength. The sun in the sky and warm colour palette, represents the overwhelming beauty and nature of the area. Six runners, three on each side of the tree balance the layout and reinforce the symmetry of the composition. The laurel wreath denotes the nature of marathons, athletic competitions, and victory. This wreath surrounds the silhouette of Kenya in the lower section, reinforcing the location of the marathon.